DeepSigns  Explore Astrology and Numerology as a community

Greetings of Divine!

We are excited to share with you our experience and knowledge of Astrology and Numerology though products such as books, calendars, readings that can support you through out your day to day activities. As a community if we understand each other then we can support each one better. 

This is the vibrations of Deep Signs - Welcome 

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to the Deep signs community! The items we have created is all based on Astrology and Numerology and using these two divine topics together, we wanted to share how much more there is in everyday life. Astrology and Numerology is a personal part of ourselves and so are the deep signs products. 

Our product is based on the 12 Zodiacs signs and the tools and energies that represent, The retrogrades of the planets, the beauty of the full and new moons and the meaning of numerology and the powers of what the numbers carry.

About Us

Salome Omanya and Kamilah Harvey-Howell


Peace Divine everyone and welcome. We are greatful for the energy exchange you have brought here.

We (Salome being experienced in Astrology and Kamilah being experienced in Numerology) have created the brand Deep Signs so show, explain and to explore the alignment of your life. we also explore the Lunar and Retrogrades energies and we will explain what is the meaning of these events happening. We will be also using number to explain the meaning of the different energies for each numbers and what does these energies represent for each day/ months and year. 

We give thanks and gratitude x